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SGB620/40T scraper conveyor in Changzhi, Shanxi

13 Jan 2019

12, Jan, Shanxi Changzhi Coal Mine find our compacy by website. Mr. Wang, purchasing manager visit our factory, producing workshop and our warehouse. Then sign a contract of SGB620/40T with us and pay out at once. Thanks for our stock, we arrange to deliver the machine at the afternoon.

SGB620/40T scraper conveyor is produced and developed by Zhengzhou Songyang Coal Machine Manufacture Co., Ltd, with double-side-chain structure, stable performance, highly adaptive, and long die life.

scraper conveyor


To our company, quality is always our first guarantee. In the following, we will always keep our quality and offer reliable products & service for our valuable customers.

SGZ764/320D scraper conveyor for comprehensive mining at SHANXI successfully completed test running. Scraper conveyor onto the silk road

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