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LIAONING TIELING SZB630/110 reformed scraper conveyor complete test

18 Sep 2017

SZB 630/110 reformed scraper conveyor ordered by customer in TIELING, LIAONING province has completed the processing with great quality and has successfully tested after 15 days serious working. The height of this machine is 3m, which equals to the height of one floor, which is also an update in reformed scraper conveyor for Zhengzhou Songyang Coal Machine Manufacture Co., Ltd. After 2 days non-stop test, the reformed scraper conveyor works well and well meet customer’s requirement.

SGB630110 reformed scraper conveyor chain conveyor

The reformed scraper conveyor we produced this time has reformed structure in the middle tunnel, which is mainly used in mechanical mining, between workface scraper conveyor and extensible belt conveyor, transferring coal. With this machine, we do not need to move the belt conveyor frequently, as a guarantee for following transportation. Reformed scraper conveyor is widely used in high efficiency comprehensive mechanical coal mining workface.

The reformed scraper conveyor can be matched with scraper conveyor, belt conveyor, crusher and hydraulic support.

Its function in large-scale comprehensive mining is to transfer the coal from scraper conveyor  on the mining face to the belt conveyor to the roadway floor.

Fixed belt conveyor(920m, 17o) has installed at Sichuan coal mine SGZ764/320D scraper conveyor for comprehensive mining at SHANXI successfully completed test running.

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