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Fixed belt conveyor(920m, 17o) has installed at Sichuan coal mine

24 Aug 2017

DTL100S  belt conveyor produced by Zhengzhou Songyang Coal Machine Manufacture Co., Ltd, which in a fixed on the ground , finally get installed and tested by our professional technicist


The length of DTL100S is 920 meters, slope of 17o . DTL100/30/2 *400 s fixed belt conveyor has completed installation and debugging  in Sichuan.  This fixed belt conveyor can transport coal tons per hour.

DTL100/30/2 400 s fixed belt conveyor is driven by double nose on floor, transmission roller and drive arrangement before discharge location and lower respectively, all parts should be considered in the design in addition strength need to underground transportation convenient the coupling between the drive motor and reducer with reliable strength. Low speed coupling requires the use of elastic pin type coupling, easy to remove and replace, driving drum using double output shaft, check device installed on the other end of the driving drum shaft.

The steel structure includes the head bracket. transmission bracket and roller bracket, which are detachable and convenient for field transportation and installation. The middle frame is made of 3-meter and 12-channel steel. The support leg of the middle frame is made of channel 12 steel. The head frame adopts welded h-shaped steel to meet the requirement of force, and the overload safety factor is designed to be 1.5. Drive frame adopts steel plate welding structure, steel plate and section steel blanking should be without cracks, cracks, wrinkles, and remove burrs. Welding is carried out by welders who have welding qualification certificates. The welding seams are in accordance with GB985 and GB986, and there are no burn-through, crack incomplete fusion, incomplete welding incomplete welding and other phenomena. The production is in line with the requirements of gb10595-2009. The anticorrosion of steel structure is made of antirust primer and reflective antirust finish.

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