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African Nigerian long distance belt conveyor
  1. Project address: Nigeria
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Project introduction

In the Nigeria long-distance conveyor belt project, the total length of the conveyor belt is about 6.897km, the head discharge point of the belt conveyor is about 132m higher than the tail loading point, and the conveying material is limestone and red clay. The designed conveying capacity is 2354t/h. The strip conveyor design route needs to pass through hillsides, roads, factories, high-voltage lines and pipelines. The terrain is complex and changeable. The designed belt conveyor not only has plane turning, but also has multiple ups and downs.

Process design of long distance belt conveyor in Nigerian Nigerian mine

Unlike conventional belt conveyors, the long-distance belt conveyor system has six operating conditions, namely full-load starting conditions, full-load normal operating conditions, maximum electric operating conditions, maximum generating conditions, and emergency braking conditions. And no-load operating conditions. The difference between this is that there is more power generation. Because there are some down-routed belt conveyors in this project, the material on this part of the route can slide down along the tape by its own gravity and drive the conveyor to reverse. Not only does the motor drive not be required, but the motor is also changed to the power generation condition, and the brake also needs to operate to ensure the rated running speed of the belt conveyor.

African Nigerian long distance belt conveyor

The long-distance belt conveyor drive unit is composed of a frequency conversion motor, a high-speed elastic coupling, a speed reducer, a low-speed elastic coupling, and a base of a driving device. The driving method usually adopts frequency conversion technology, which can realize the functions of starting and braking acceleration controllable, realizing debugging and inspection with low speed and long-term operation, motor power balance and motor overload protection, and dispersing the tape tension to avoid braking. The local stress concentration of the tape, and the use of variable frequency motor start can make the start of the long distance belt conveyor more stable.

Head 2 × 500KW + tail 1 × 500KW drive mode, in which the head single drum double motor drive, tail single drum single motor drive; drive form: variable frequency motor + reducer; braking mode: controllable self-cooling disc brake The tensioning device is arranged on the nose of the machine, and the tensioning form: the head weight is tightened.

When the conveyor is in heavy-duty parking, especially in emergency stop, the conveyor needs to overcome the inertia of the motion system during the braking process, so that the conveyor gradually decelerates from the rated belt speed to the stop, and the dynamic load Fa is generated in the process. Moreover, the longer the transport distance, the larger the volume, the larger the Fa, and the tape safety factor is thus greatly reduced. For long-distance belt conveyors, due to the large volume, long distance and high belt speed, the inertia force of the system is quite large when parking, and the impact on the tape is also very large, so it is necessary to adopt a controllable self-cooling disc brake. The device is used to ensure the safety of the device.

Africa Nigeria Mine Long Distance Belt Conveyor Tape

Tape selection steel wire core tape, according to the tape design standard, when the ambient temperature is between -20~60 °C, the strength of the tape and the strength of the joint can be guaranteed. The temperature in Nigeria is 17.9~33.6 °C, this temperature Select the conventional tape to meet the requirements.

African Nigerian long distance belt conveyor tensioning device

The hydraulic tensioning device is composed of a hydraulic pumping station, a tensioning cylinder, an energy storage station, an electric control box and accessories. The hydraulic tensioning device adopts PLC control technology to effectively control the tensioning force to ensure the accuracy of the tensioning force control. The hydraulic tensioning starting tension and the normal running tension can be automatically adjusted as needed, and preset. After the tensioning force is set, the hydraulic system automatically works according to the setting procedure, and the response is fast when the tension changes, ensuring the normal starting, braking and stable operation of the belt conveyor, as well as the required tension and tensioning stroke.

The hydraulic tensioning device should be provided with manual and automatic control modes and a good man-machine interface. The control box should have remote and local operation functions and be interlocked with the coal control system. The manual control mode facilitates equipment installation, commissioning and overhaul, and the automatic control mode is used for normal production.

Long distance belt conveyor protection device for Nigerian Nigerian mine

Long-distance belt conveyors can cause serious economic losses in the event of tape tearing. Therefore, in addition to the conventional belt conveyor to set the relevant tear protection device, it is also possible to adopt a method of adding a "sacrificial belt", that is, a short-distance belt conveyor is arranged upstream of the long-distance belt conveyor, and two are arranged on the belt conveyor. In addition to the iron remover, if a foreign body damages the tape, the “sacrificial belt” will be torn first. The “sacrificial belt” will be stopped after the tearing process, and the “sacrificial belt” is shorter, and the tape is easier to replace. This way it can be caused by tearing. The belt loss is minimized.

The long-distance belt conveyor has other protection devices that are basically the same as the short-distance belt conveyors, including the set cable switch, the deviation switch, the speed detector, the flow detector, the chute block detector and the belt conveyor longitudinal tear. Detection switches such as crack detectors, taking into account the long-distance transmission pressure drop and cable cost, this project uses a bus-type protection device.

Long-distance belt conveyor in Nigeria and Nigeria

Ordinary belt conveyors usually use either a key focus or a smart patrol system for unmanned inspection. Due to its location in Africa and the harsh climatic conditions, this project is the best solution for manual inspection. It mainly conducts regular inspections on the driving device, tensioning device, head discharge point and tail tribe material.

Long-distance conveyor belt lighting should first consider the impact of pressure drop. It is necessary to set multiple lighting power supply points. The outdoor lighting fixtures are waterproof, dustproof and anti-corrosion lamps, and are easy to repair and replace. High-pressure sodium lamps are used along the belt conveyor bridge (including the belt conveyor drive, belt scale, etc.) and the belt tensioning device. The long-distance conveyor belt lighting utilizes the overpass bridge as a vehicle for the lighting fixture, and the luminaire is mounted on a special bracket at the top of the overpass bridge, in the form of a floodlight control.

In Africa, the power supply is very scarce. In this case, try to ensure that the belt conveyor is parallel to the road, so that you can use the lights on the road or the lights of the passing road vehicles; solar lighting along the line is also a good choice.

Long-distance conveyor belts

The total length of the belt conveyor of this project is about 6.828 km, crossing roads, animal migration routes, rivers, canyons and other places. African wild animals carry out regular migration every year. In order to protect the migration routes of wild animals and prevent wild animals from destroying system equipment, The belt conveyor needs to adopt the structure of the truss column, the walkway and the railing are arranged on both sides, and the equipment is protected by the wire fence and the belt cover.

After the research, analysis, calculation and selection of key components of the long-distance belt conveyor, the Puyang coal mining machine made the system equipment procurement, installation and commissioning go smoothly, and provided a good reference for the smooth development of other similar projects.

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